The “historical center” of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle is located in South Kensington. It comprises a primary school (from Year 1 to Year 6), a secondary school as well as a British section. This is also where the Head Teacher’s office and the school administration are based.


  • The Wix Primary School (Years 1 to 6) is located in Clapham (south of the River Thames) and boasts a bilingual section.




The school is run by the Headmaster, Mr Didier Devilard, who is assisted by 3 deputy Head Teachers: Mrs Carton, Mr Colangelo and Mr Simon McNaught (Head of the British Section).




 >  A cosmopolitan Lycée

The Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle currently has 3600 pupils of which 82% are French nationals, 9% British Nationals and the remaining 9% are of 48 different nationalities.


 >  A successful Lycée

Our school was rated 15th on the 2007 Financial Times list of the top 1000 schools for results at national A-Level exams (British section). In 2013, the British section was rated among the Top 50 British schools. More information on this link.

The Lycée got excellent results on the PISA tests performed in 2015. See results here.


 >  A Lycée that is open to the world

  • Cultural school trips in England and overseas.
  • Regular conferences and debates hosted within the school.
  • Numerous extracurricular activies: secondary school instruments orchestra, Justice au coeur, a charity raising funds for various humanitarian causes, a sports club and tournaments, annual Talent and Fashion shows, activities for younger pupils, etc.


 >  A dynamic Lycée

Several associations are active within our school: