CVL: committee for secondary school life

Governing bodies and dialogue: The Committee for Secondary School life Elections for the Committee for Secondary School life (CVL) is held at the lycée in the 2nde week of October through an eletronic vote.

What is the CVL?   

It is a new governing body for the promotion of dialogue at the service of secondary school pupils: an ideal forum for exchanges between adults and pupils. It is during this committee’s meetings, which take place once every term, that concrete matters pertaining to school life are discussed. Secondary School pupils express their opinions and articulate proposals which are conveyed to the School Board by the committee’s vice president.

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How does the CVL operate?

The CVL is chaired by the Headmaster and is composed of:

  • 10 secondary school pupils
  • 5 teachers or educational staff
  • 3 administrative, health, technical or service staff
  • 2 parents’ representatives.

Pupils elected to the CVL will then choose a representative who will assume the role of Vice President and who wil represents secondary school pupils at the Secondary School Board and School Board meetings. They will also choose a subsitute to the Vice President.

Contacting the CVL

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What is the CVL role?

  1. To make proposals for the training of pupils’ representatives
  2. To be systematically consulted on the following issues:
  • the organisation of studies and school time, the devising of the school Project and of school rules
  • school meals
  • the organisation of personal work, of personalised support, of support mechanisms for studies option changes, pupils support and assistance, linguistic and cultural changes
  • information pertaining to studies and career options (school streams, choice of university and profession)
  • health, hygiene and safety; the layout of secondary school space
  • The organisation of cultural, extracurricular and sports activities


Who can apply for a CVL role?
All Year 11, Year 11 GCSE, Year 12, Year 12, PAL and TAL pupils can run for CVL office. Before the elections, the candidates and their subsitutes must display their election manifesto in the 'foyer' and school life office.

Who can vote?
All Year 11, Year 11 GCSE, Year 12, Sixth Form, P A-Level, and T A-Level pupils can vote.


                                                               The CVL team 2015-2016

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