Vie scolaire - Pastoral Care

Fostering exceptional personal growth

All students are valued and nurtured as individuals through an exceptional pastoral care system. This enables students not only to optimise their academic success but also to foster their confidence, sense of well-being and overall growth.

All students are known personally by a team of five Heads of Years and Heads of Pastoral combined in one, commonly known in the French educational system as Conseiller Principal d’Education (CPE):

Years 7 and 8 (1-4): Mme Philippe

Years 8 (5-10) and 9: M. Gnahoré

Years 10 and 11: Mme Rivière

Year 12 and Sixth Grade: M. Sagot

British Section: Mme Feurtet

Opening times

Vie scolaire offices are open Monday to Friday from 8.20 am to 6.15 pm,

and on specific Saturdays for particular events (exams, detentions etc...)

Heads of Years are available during opening times and fully committed to fostering an exceptional pastoral care through regular meetings with students, parents and teachers.

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