Pupils’ admissions & admin office

Presentation of the Pupils’admissions and admin office

This office’s mission :

  • To organise and update the contact details of families with one child or more at our school
  • To edit school reports for secondary school pupils (no copies will be provided)
  • To provide school certificates
  • To manage pupils’ secondary school files
  • To manage enrolments and re-enrolments
  • To manage pupils’ deregistration

To contact this office :

You can contact the pupils' Admin Office (which is in charge of enrolments) by phone everyday from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2:30pm to 4pm on weekdays. It is closed during the holidays, except Easter holidays (see calendar).

Outside of the hours specified above, the office is not reachable by telephone and is closed to the public. In order to receive all school communications with regard to enrolments and re-enrolments, please ensure that you have communicated your details to the secretary of Pupils’ Office or to the secretary of your primary school for an update of your family contact details in our database.