Welcome to the school library! The school library is simultaneously a work space, a reading area and a training ground where users acquire the culture of information; it is available to pupils and to all of the Lycée’s staff. Four librarians are on site to welcome and guide users in their research.

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5pm Monday to Friday (Middle School pupils)

Opening hours: 8:25 a.m. to 6.05pm Monday to Friday (High School pupils)


The school library makes the following available to users:

  • “Newspaper” resources
  • Fiction books (novels, collections of poems, plays, comic strips), documentary works, dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Periodic publications with 73 subscriptions (generalist and specialised publications)
  • Documents on professions and training (ONISEP)
  • Educational and administrative documentation
  • Digital resources available to users from anywhere.
  • DVDs


  • A considerable amount of computer equipment:
  • 16 freely accessible computers, 4 printers
  • 2 IT rooms, one of which is equipped with a video projector and an interactive whiteboard.
  • 6 Ipads for Years 11 to Sixth Form (terminale) pupils
  • A Wi-Fi access



e-sidoc, the school library’s web portal

With a personal code, the portal allows every user to:

  • Access the library’s database remotely to conduct research
  • Consult their list of borrowed books
  • Discover the latest library news, novelties, the reading blog
  • Access tutorials, methodology guides
  • Find information on health issues, on academic orientation, on supervised lab work
  • Consult digital libraries, dictionaries and online encyclopaedias
  • Have direct access to all digital libraries to which the school library is subscribed

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