Finance and administration department

This department manages several services to families, pupils and school staff, below are its main fields of action:

  • School meals,

  • The enhancement of equipment and facilities,

  • Accounting, including collection of school fees,

  • Financial management of school outings and school trips,

  • Management of financial and administrative litigation,

  • Relations with the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and other government institutions,

  • Human Resources


Extracts of school rules as approved by the last School Board Meeting           


School meals
The services of the school’s restaurants are in priority for the benefit of the pupils of the Lycée français Charles de Gaulle.  School meals are not a right but rather a convenience granted to families. Pupils are registered for the school restaurant’s self-service meals according to the rules of an all-in package, and under the supervision of their legal guardians if they are minors: the validity of a pupil’s registration is programmed on a magnetic card which gives access to the school restaurant. This personal card is provided by the Finance and Administration Department for the entire duration of a pupil’s schooling at the Lycée français Charles de Gaulle. In case of loss, theft or damage to the card, it must be replaced by the pupil or the staff to whom it belonged, at their expense.  In the event of the pupil forgetting their magnetic card: they must go to School Life Office and will have to eat lunch as part of the restaurant’s last service (from 12:30 to 1:30pm). Repeated failure to produce the card can result in a sanction for the pupil. School meals are offered as an all-in package which is applicable during the entire school year and requires regular attendance at the school restaurant.
The price of a meal and the price of the yearly package are set for a given school year. The invoices are sent to families every term at the same time as the invoices relating to school fees.

No change in the school meals arrangement will be accepted except in the following situations:

► Pupil’s permanent departure from our school due to a job transfer (no departure will be taken into account after May 1st.

► Pupil’s exclusion from the school restaurant for disciplinary reasons.

► Imperative necessity to forgo school meals for medical reasons as proven by a medical certificate.

Changes in the school meals arrangement are applicable to full months: any month started is due. No refunds will be granted because of teachers’ absences, industrial actions, school trips or weather events.

Parents and pupils are reminded that the bringing in food to the school for the purpose of consumption is strictly forbidden, except within the framework of an Individual Care Plan (also known as PAI).


Payment of school fees
Any pupil’s education in an AEFE school entails the payment of fees, irrespective of nationality. Automatic exclusion follows non-payment of fees, unless individual cases are submitted to the regional AEFE supervisor.

1 - Fees are provisionally set by the school annually, and once ratified by the AEFE are displayed in the school and published on the school website. Fees vary according to the level and type of education offered by the Lycée.

Principle: Any term begun is invoiced to families and its accompanying fees are due in their entirety.
-       Children arriving or leaving during a school year in a member school of the AEFE
-       Offers of school places made by the school during the school year
-       Admission/departure during the school year due to professional transfers or exceptional circumstances
-       Child removed from schooling during the school year and for the duration of the year due to illness or serious injury, if accompanied by a doctor’s note.
-       Exclusion of a pupil following disciplinary measures
•    The granting of the above exceptions are the sole prerogative of the Headteacher, who will assess each case individually based upon supporting documentation provided by the family involved.
•    Term fees will be invoiced pro-rata by the fortnight

Departures or arrivals during a school year for personal convenience will not be considered (departure to another school during term time, child enrolled for the start of the school but arriving later for their own convenience, anticipated departure for own convenience,…).
2 – The registration fee (DPi) required of all pupils new to the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle must be paid prior to the start of term and is non-refundable, even if the pupil cannot subsequently attend school, irrespective of circumstances. The payment of the Dpi guarantees enrollment only if the pupil joins the school before the 1st of October; beyond that date the pupil’s enrollment is cancelled and their place revoked.
3 – The Headteacher of the Lycée dispatches an invoice for school fees at the start of each term. Families receive them by email to the address specified by the payer and by post for the 2nd and final reminder
4 – Payment is made to the income and revenue office in the Finance Department and may be given by check, cash or bank transfer, before the payment date displayed on the invoice elapses.
Time-line of invoicing and steps undertaken in the event of non-payment
1 - Dispatch of individual invoices by email (first week of term, first fortnight for the first term)
2 - Dispatch of a reminder by email should the allocated payment window elapse.
3 - Dispatch of a second reminder by post if payment is still due following the first warning
4 - Dispatch of a third reminder by post if the second warning is not observed: the pupil will no longer be admitted to lessons.
5 - If the final reminder goes unacknowledged, significant steps will be taken to recover the debt, and a solicitor will be instructed to recover fees owed by any legal means, incurring further costs subsequently owed by the payer.