PAL and TAL students' Rome exploration

The 12 PAL and TAL students enjoyed a 4 days trip in Rome, the Città eterna
Accompanied by their History and Italian teachers DRr Carrson and Ms Ialenti, the trip mainly focused on the architectural impact of the Fascist movement in Italy during the 20 years of Mussolini's power. Students were able to observe and witness how some areas of the city have been demolished and rebuilt in order to reproduce the glory of Rome according to the Fascist propaganda of that time. 
The group explored the EUR, Ostiense station, Via dei Fori imperiali, Piazza Venezia where the dictator used to give his speeches, Chiesa dei Santi Petro e Paolo, Circo massimo, and obviously the Centre of Rome with Fontana di trevi and The Spanish Steps for a gelato break.
- "An amazing and unique experience rich in new knowledge on facism and italian culture. The food, the hotel, the visits, the people, the weather... everything was wonderful!"
- "I personally found this trip very useful for the theme/syllabus we are working on. The fascist buildings and monuments were really interesting and we learned dozens of interesting facts from the teachers and the guide Paolo. A huge thank you for the trip."
- "This trip demonstrated to me that cities like Rome could hold generations worth of architecture, art and culture. From ancient Rome to fascist Italy, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would 100% do it again!"
- "I thought that this trip gave me more cultural knowledge about fascist architecture and how the regime functioned. I was thoroughly impressed by Paolo's explanation and I greatly enjoyed exploring Rome's captivating streets. Thank you Signora Ialenti for organising such a wonderfyul trip!