Volleyball London Youth Games 2018: great success for LFCG!

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle achieved a great success representing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at the Volleyball London Youth Games 2018.
Mr Moran and Mr Doohan selected a group of our students to travel for a long day of competition of more than 20 teams per gender at the University of East London on Thursday 8th of March.
The boys won all their five matches during their pool phase to progress to the single elimination competition where we lost in quarter-finals against Lambeth who finally came second. Pierre Hutgau, Alexis Boissel and the very young brothers Marius and Felix Tattan Brown got a very meritory 5th place, showing their great skills and determination, and having won against the teams who finished above us in the final table.
Ariane Derrien, Pauline Fau, Justine Amic, Eva Kennedy and Eleanor Russel were our team in the girls tournament. They competed very well and achieved a bronze medal after losing 28-26 in a hard fought semifinal. The girls also showed fantastic skills and playing discipline and only a couple of mistakes in the last points kept them away from the final.
This is the beginning to a very exciting journey to be ready for next year’s competition when we'll try to replicate and improve this year’s result with a new group of players inspired by those who came before them and the support of our coaches.

Allez Lycée!