1ES1 visiting "Boom for Real" exhibition

Reviewing "Boom for Real"
by Marion Khoury 1eES1
"On Thursday the 11th of January, the 1ereES1 class visited the Basquiat "Boom for Real" exhibition at the Barbican Centre. We learned everything about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat through this experience. In fact, the exhibition was well-organised and was representative of the painter's life. The art was displayed in chronological order which created a story. Moreover, very important aspects of his life were mimicked in the display like songs and collaborations.
Jean-Michel Basquiat started off his career doing some "SAMO" graffiti tags in the street anonymously and selling one dollar postcards to finally become one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. In a career that was less than ten years, Basquiat made and lost friendships, went from fridges to canvas and made a name for himself. He climbed the ladder of success in a remarkable amount of time.
Basquiat seemed to depict the negative aspects of American society but still wanted to be loved by this society. He is nowadays known for being a very spontaneous artist that had no filters or restrictions. I would recommend everyone visit this exhibition as long as they have curiosity and interest given that Basquiat had the intention of leaving his drawings to open minds: anyone can interpret the pieces of art in their own way. Getting a guide would also be a great idea because it pushed by curiosity and made me love his story even more."