What’s an academic scholarship?

A scholarship is a means tested financial assistance for education purposes which is granted by the Consulate to French families who request it. It is available to all pupils, from Year 1 (maternelle MS) to Sixth Form (Terminale).
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What is the enrolment procedure for recipients of merit scholarships ?

Information regarding the "merit" scholarships ('excellence' in French) for the next school year will usually be available online in February.
Each year, the French Department of Education offers scholarships for students who wish to study during one year abroad, in a selection of french schools overseas, such as our school in London.
To apply for these scholarships, students in years X or Y (seconde or premiere) must enquire with their school Head who will be able to give them further information about the application procedure (documents needed, type of application to be completed and application timetable).
Please note that enrolment via this scholarship scheme only permits a single year of study at the lycée and there is not other way by which a student whose parents are not living in London, is allowed to enrol in our school.

Please find below the message from the Ministry to Commissioners of Education:

- Information sheet for families of scholarship applicants
- For these pupils it may be useful to read the guide for pupils living with a host family in French-currently revised
- For these pupils it may be useful to read:
Scholarship languages and options