ISSA Volleyball Lisbon

Ten of our students and two staff members left London for Lisbon on Wednesday 14th November for the 2018 Tournament.The host school,St.Dominic's International School ,hosted 70 boys from 7 visiting schools.
Competition started on Thursday and the Lycee boys won their 3 games including a close game with the American School Egham (2-1).The success continued on Friday with 4 more victories to set up a final against Egham on the final day. A 5 set final proved to be one game too far for the Lycee boys though no one can fault their effort losing 3 sets to 2.
A trophy,medals and patches were presented to the squad who all enjoyed the experience of representing the school abroad.
Well done and thank you to the boys for their efforts and thank you to the hosting school for a well organised tournament.
S.Doohan &   L.Bello.
Squad: Max Mounier capt 1e *   Antonin Collombin Ter
Leo de Maigret 1e   Pierre Huteau 1e*   Alexis Boissel 1e
Paul Rodriguez 1e  Zak Karim 1e      Adrien Coutant Pal
Paul Bernard 2e   Sam Russell 3e. (* denotes All Star squad)
Results:                                            Final Positions:
Lycee v Madrid Won 2-0                         1st  ACIS Egham.
Lycee v St Dominics Won 2-0                  2nd LYCEE FRANCAIS
Lycee v Aberdeen Won 2-0                     3rd St Dominics Lisbon
Lycee v Egham Won 2-1                         4th Am Sch Madrid
Lycee v Int Sch London Won 2-0             5th German School
Lycee v German School Won 2-0             6th Am Sch Aberdeen
Lycee v Southbank  Won 2-0                   7th I S L 
Lycee v ACIS Egham (Final) Lost 3-2       8th Southbank.