Wix Primary School is located in the neighbourhood of Clapham, south of the river Thames. It is run by Mr Patrick Bonnefoy and comprises 14 classes, or 330 pupils from Reception Year to Year 6. The school which was founded in 1993, shares a large Victorian building with Wix Primary (an English school) and is characterised by its bilingual classes and its close partnership with the Head Teacher of Wix Primary: Mrs Tania Kodjovi Stapp.          

The closest Tube station is a 10 minute walk away: Clapham Common, on the Northern Line. The school is also in the vicinity of numerous bus stops.

OUR CLASSES                                                                                                                                                                    

They are organised as follows:                                                                                                                                  

  • 2 Reception Year classes, one of which is bilingual                                                       
  • 2 Year 1 classes, one of which is bilingual                                                                              
  • 2 Year 2 classes, one of which is bilingual                                                                                                              
  • 2 Year 3 classes, one of which is bilingual
  • 2 Year 4 classes, one of which is bilingual
  • 2 Year 5 classes, one of which is bilingual
  • 2 Year 6 classes, one of which is bilingual



The bilingual classes comprise 28 pupils: 14 of these come from Wix Primary and the other 14 are enrolled by the Lycée. Pupils are taught in French and in English, thanks to two teachers, one of whom is French while the other is English, and who work in close partnership in accordance with a specifically adapted calendar. Please refer to our FAQ.

Download : presentation of our bilingual sections



The school gates are open at 8:40.

For Reception and Year 1
Admission of pupils to the classroom takes place up until 8:50 am.
The school day ends at 15:30, except on Wednesdays, when pupils finish at 12:15pm or 1.10pm.
Parents or carers must leave their child with the teacher or with the teaching assistant in the classroom and collect them in the classroom at the end of the school day.

For Years 2 and 3 (French section),
Lessons start at 8:45 am.
The school day ends at 15:30, except on Wednesdays when pupils finish at 12:15pm or 1.10pm.

For Years 2 and 3 (Bilingual section)
Lessons start at 8:50.
The school day ends at 15:30, except on Wednesdays when pupils come out at 12:10pm.

Note to parents with regard to parking: Wix Lane is a narrow and residential road. It is imperative that we respect our neighbours.

Late arrivals
If late, please ring the interphone bell of the Lycée so as to be let in. Once in the courtyard, you must walk around the building to access the entrance of the French school (orange door).
Please accompany your child as far as their classroom, after clearing School Office. Parents should be reminded that late arrivals must remain exceptional.

In case of absence
Please notify School Office if your child is absent by contacting Mrs Audrey Woolcock: telephone: 0207 738 02 87, or e-mail:




The school canteen is voluntary. At the start of the school year, parents choose whether their child is to eat in the canteen or bring their own “lunch box”. This choice is made at the beginning of the year then applies to the whole year. Canteen menus can be available for consultation on the website: menus, as well as on the display boards in the school playground.


THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH (does not apply to bilingual classes)

The teaching of English is coordinated by Ms MARAVIGLIA Cerian in all of the Lycée’s primary schools. 2 native English teachers are in charge of teaching this subject to Wix pupils. From nursery school to Year 3: 3 hours per week. From Year 4 to Year 6: 3 hours per week + 1 hour of D.N.L. (D.N.L.=Non Linguistic Discipline, for instance History or Geography in English)



Should you wish to meet with the teachers, the English teachers or the Head Teacher, the educational staff is at your disposal upon request. Please contact School Office for an appointment.



According to the French curriculum, pupils practise numerous activities within school hours: choir, with concerts for the benefit of parents at Christmas time and at the end of the school year, access to the school library, occasional sessions with an external coach for certain activities (music, art, judo, rugby etc). After school hours, Wix Loisirs also organises extra-curricular activities. For further information, visit the school website.