André Malraux Primary School is located in Ealing, West London. It is run by Mrs Aurélie Exbrayat. It welcomes children aged between 4 and 10 and comprises approximately 300 pupils in 11 classes, ranging from Reception to Year 6. With premises that used to belong an English school dating back to the 1930s, the school is built on one level, and is characterised by its green spaces, its large playgrounds and recreation areas, as well as its bright classrooms. Ealing is a green, busy, and family oriented neighborhood which is roughly a 20-minute tube ride away from Central London.

Though the school does not benefit from a tube station in its immediate vicinity, it is easily accessible by car or by bus(buses E1, E3, E11). The nearest tube stations are on the Piccadily, Disctrict and Central lines (Northfields, Ealing Broadway or Hanger Lane, for example). Ealing is a neighbourhood with many possibilities of pleasant accommodation at often more affordable prices than in Central London.

Fresco at André Malraux



They are organised as follows

  • 1 Nursery class
  • 1 Reception Year class
  • 1 Year 1 class
  • 2 Year 2 classes
  • 1 Year 3 class
  • 1 double level class grouping Year 3 and Year 4 pupils
  • 1 Year 4 class
  • 1 Year 5 class
  • 1 double level class grouping Year 5 and Year 6 pupils
  • 1 Year 6 class



Pupils enter and exit the premises on Bordar’s Road (parallel to Laurie Road). In the morning, the gates open at 8:15 and families are admitted to the “parents’ courtyard”.
Before 8:30am, children remain under their parents’ responsibility.

Admission to classrooms starts at 8:30am:

For Reception Year and Year 1 classes:
Admission to classrooms takes place up until 8:40.
The school day finishes at 3:30pm except on Wednesdays when pupils are collected at 1:10pm, after lunch. Parents are to leave their child with the teacher or the teaching assistant in the classroom and collect them at the end of the school day, taking care to be punctual.

For Years 2 to 4
As soon as the gate is open (8:30), pupils in years 2, 3 and 4 must proceed to their courtyard where monitoring by school staff is assured. They will be taken into the care of their teachers at 8:40am (beginning of lessons). The school day finishes at 3:40pm, except on Wednesdays when pupils finish at 1:20pm, after lunch.

Note to parents with regard to parking: Bordar’s Road is a narrow and residential road. It is imperative that we respect our neighbours and that parents always refrain from parking in front of residents’ driveways. An information document on opening times, absences and late arrivals is available for download.



Mrs Hélène Edgar is the school secretary. Her work days and work hours are: Monday to Thursday: from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 1:00 to 5:00. She can be reached at: e-mail:, Telephone: +44(0)20 8578 3011

If late, parents and pupils can access the premises after 8:40 through the 44 Laurie Road entrance. This entrance is also the appropriate one to use outside pupils’ normal admission and discharge times. If late, pupils must be accompanied by parents as far as the classroom. However, parents should be reminded that late arrivals must remain exceptional.

Please notify School office of your child’s absence by e-mail or by telephone. Any absence exceeding one week must be justified by a doctor’s certificate.



All pupils must have lunch in the school canteen.  Canteen menus are available on our website as well as on the display boards in the parents’ courtyard.



Ms MARAVIGLIA Cerian is in charge of coordinating the teaching of English in all of the Lycée Charles De Gaulle’s primary schools. 4 native English teachers have been entrusted with the teaching of this subject at Malraux.

- From Reception Year to Year 3: 3 hours of English per week.
- From Year 4 to Year 6: 3 hours of English+ 1 hour of D.N.L. per week (D.N.L. = Non Linguistic Discipline, for instance History and Geography in English).



Should you wish to meet with the teachers, the English teachers or the Headteacher, the educational staff is at your disposal. Please make an appointment in advance. You can use your child’s contact book to do this. In case of an emergency, please contact School Office to arrange an appointment.



In the French curriculum, pupils practise numerous activities: choir, with concerts given for the benefit of parents at Christmas time and at the end of the school year, access to the school library and borrowing of French and English books, swimming at the local pool, etc... After the school day, the Association of Parents of André Malraux Primary School (Amicale des Parents d’André Malraux) organises extra-curricular activities on the premises (judo, football, rugby, dance, art, drama in French, drama in English, etc...)

Please visit the Association website: