Welcome to the British Section

For over 60 years the British Section in the Lycée has been providing the highest calibre academic education. Our former students have gone on to achieve distinction in many fields around the world. They often come back to say how inspired they were by their education here!

Our aim is to nurture our students’ French language and culture at the same time as ensuring everyone meets their academic potential in order to access UK or US universities via A-levels.

The British Section offers a traditional academic curriculum along with dedicated teaching and very effective pastoral care.

As a very small section with around 220 students we know them all very well in order to help them to succeed. Every student is seen individually every year to discuss individual progress and to set targets with them for improvement.

Our students are valued individuals and we welcome into our section ambitious and hard working young people who are committed, creative, independent and responsible.

We look forward to meeting you, your son or daughter and to welcoming you to the British Section.                                                                                 





    The school week is organised on the same schedule as the main school. Lessons last 55 minutes each and take place from Monday to Friday, beginning at 8.30 am and ending at 6.05pm. We try to enable 3GCSE students to finish earlier at least one day each week.






    Students in the British Section have the opportunity to go on various trips. These have included the Berlin trip (History), the Geography and Biology field trip to Denmark, the exchange to Moscow (Russian) and trip to India (History) and a Geography trip is being planned for Nepal. There are also many day trips and fieldwork visits for Art, Geography, History and theatre trips for English. Extracurricular activities have included debating, the maths club and computer programming. An additional sports programme is available on Saturday mornings.





    The British Section expects students to work hard, achieve a high attendance (at least 95%) and punctuality rate, to behave responsibly and respect fully one another and members of staff. Students who need close monitoring may be placed on report. Detentions (including Saturday mornings) are set when necessary. Exclusions (internal or external) occur for extreme misbehaviour, although this is very rare.


    All public examinations and Access Arrangements matters are the responsibility of our Examinations Officer, Mme Schurer, who also manages the British Section office, with the secretary, Mrs Ricci, who deals with general administrative matters.

    The day to day administration and well-being of the students is the responsibility of our CPE or Pastoral Manager, Mme Feurtet, who deals with absences, late arrivals and the many and varied requirements of running this section of the school. She has a team of assistants who support her and the students.





    Members of staff in the British Section are fully qualified teachers. A number teach only in the British Section, but we also have a number of teachers who divide their time between the British and French Sections.





    Each student is placed in a tutor group with a tutor who ensures that each student has his or her progress carefully monitored and who is the first point of contact. Tutor groups meet together and tutors meet regularly with their individual tutees to monitor progress, discuss subject choices and, in Years 12 (PAL) and 13 (TAL), university entrance. Our current form tutors are as follows:

    • 3eGCSE: Miss Klaf, Miss Maguire, Mr Boswell
    • 2eGCSE: Ms Nève, Miss McLoughlin, Mr Buergo
    • PAL/TAL: Mr Carr, Mr Goodman, Ms Knowland, Mr Nichol, Mr Tweddl
    • 2eGCSE: Ms Nève, Miss McLoughlin, Mr Buergo
    • PAL/TAL: Mr Carr, Mr Goodman, Ms Knowland, Mr Nichol, Mr Tweddle