Applying to the British Section


Application for entry into Year 10 (3GCSE) for those students already at the Lycée takes place during the 2nd term of the Year 9 (4ème). After an information meeting for parents in January, applications are accepted. Places are allocated at a special admissions committee meeting in June.

Presentation for parents and students in 4eWhy choose the British Section?

The criteria for selection for 4e students are firstly that they need to have sufficient ability in English to cope with the demands of GCSE courses. In addition, they need to show motivation for and knowledge about the British Section and British education system. Candidates will be assessed in their writing and comprehension skills. The writing test for all applicants takes place after normal lessons at the Lycée in Salle Churchill and lasts for 45 minutes. It is in the form of a text (fiction or non-fiction) with questions asking for students to comment on the style and content of the text. The test is marked by GCSE English teachers at the Lycée. Candidates for the British Section will be invited to meet two British section members of staff for a 10 minute interview to discuss their future plans and motivation for applying during the week beginning 15th May 2017. CFBL and Winston Churchill students are interviewed at the Lycée. We aim to put students at their ease as we recognise that they are likely to be very nervous! Parents of all students applying will be contacted in April by email with details of the interview times and location. The written test and interview are equally weighted and the results of each student are ranked. The Lycée admissions committee in May makes a final decision taking into account the results of the interviews, assessments and recommendations of key staff. CFBL and Winston Churchill students are treated the same as Lycée 4e internal applicants.                                                                                                                                                                     

Application students from other schools can be made from November onwards during the year preceding entry. Applicants to Year 10 (3GCSE) will be interviewed and asked to sit tests in French, English and Maths, while applicants to Year 12 (PAL) will be interviewed and also tested in French and two other subjects they wish to take for A levels. Places are subject to availability. Basic entrance requirements for Year 12 are a minimum of 5 GCSEs at B grade and one C grade with at least B grade in the subjects to be studied for AS. This applies to students already in the school as well as applicants from outside.