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For all inquiries during the school year, please contact the admissions office at: They will inform you about the procedure to follow (FAQ). For pupils who do not attend a partner school (AEFE) in London please consult our admission calendar.


  1. Students are eligible under priority criteria and the number of places available. Therefore, the first registered is not the first accepted.
  2. Only children who are or will be living in London in September 2019, with at least one of their parents, can be enroled in one of our schools. This restriction does not apply to students with a merit scholarship from the French Ministry of Education.
  3. Families can only select one primary school on registration. If the first choice was not possible, the application will automatically be re-assessed for another school where places are available. At Wix and Marie d'Orliac schools, if it is impossible to offer a place in a bilingual class but possible in a non-blingual class, the family will be notified.

Non-EU students

The Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle and its primary schools (Ecole de Wix, Ecole Marie d’Orliac, Ecole André Malraux and Ecole South Kensington) are not able to sponsor a student’s application to obtain a visa. Before applying at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle or one of its primary schools, it is mandatory for the family to obtain all relevant documents (passport, visa…) so the student may study in the UK. Only schools licensed by the Home Office may sponsor a student. For more information, click here.


Initial registration fees are non refundable. Please make sure that your child is authorized to study in the UK before applying.


Admissions, according to availability, are appointed by the Admission Committee following the criteria below:

1. Children of French government personnel posted to London
    Staff members’ children (priority is given to those who have at least a full year contract and work part time 50%).
2. A child entering nursery or reception levels who already has a sibling at one of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle primary schools in 2018-19.
   A child entering at secondary level who already has a sibling at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Years 2 -13 in 2018-19.
However, it should be noted that for children from a French school linked to the AEFE the priority sibling rule is only valid if that school doesn't offer a continuing curriculum to the pupil applying. Transfers between linked schools and the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle are subject to agreement by both Head Teachers involved.
3. A child educated in 2018-19 in an AEFE school outside London
4. A child educated in 2018-19 in a state or voluntary aided school in France
5. A child educated in the United Kingdom who has been registered and studying with the CNED distance learning service in 2018-19.
6. Any other French speaking child
• To establish rank order, the Lycée will allocate places in order of date of birth from a precise date which will be selected by ballot before the start of the 2019-20 campaign. That date the 8th of October.
• Within priority 3 to 7, the same rule apply. However, for sibling applications, the fact that one of the siblings can be assigned according to this criterion (close to the date of birth chosen by ballot) will result in a sibling priority for all the siblings applying.
• Admission to the British Section: interview and test
• Admission to Wix and Marie d’Orliac’s bilingual sections is subject to an aptitude test which will assess the ability of the child to follow a bilingual education from Year 2. For reasons of educational continuity, no transfer is possible from the bilingual section of Wix Primary School to the Wix bilingual section or from the Holy Cross bilingual section to the bilingual section of Marie d'Orliac.
• Whatever the position and ranking of the applicant in terms of the admissions criteria, entry to the French Section for pupils who do not come from a French school is subject to an assessment test between Year 3 and Year 12. No admission is possible to Year 12 or 13 if the pupil does not come from the French system.
Allocation of places for secondary school:
Given the likely availability of places at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in September 2019 it will be impossible to accommodate Year 7 applicants besides pupils from linked AEFE schools, partners and the bilingual section of Wix Primary School or Holy Cross.


Admissions criteria for September 2019
Criteria for admission



Schools below :

CP : Ecole Le Hérisson, L'Ecole des Petits (Fulham), La Petite Ecole Française

6e : Ecole Française de Londres (Jacques Prévert), L'Ecole Bilingue, L'Ecole des Petits, L'Ecole de Battersea, La Petite Ecole Française

2nde : CFBL



Supporting documents relating to these priorities will be required if a place is offered. Failing to provide these documents will result in the cancellation of the registration process.



The British Section is now open to all. Any pupil currently enroled in a non-French program can apply. All French-speaking pupils are welcome, regardless of the school of provenance. Commonly, our 3GCSE pupils arrive from one of the AEFE school's in London (Lycée Charles de Gaulle, CFBL, Lycée International Winston Churchill, école Jeannine Manuel)
Apply to the British Section until February 6th: click here to access our online platform.
NB:  Candidates for the British Section will be invited to meet two British section members of staff for a 10-minute interview to discuss their future plans and motivation for applying.  A written test and interview are equally weighted and the results of each student are ranked. All applicants, whether successful or not, will be contacted following the meeting of the admissions committee. Learn more about the British section


Transfer between two schools part of the AEFE network in London:
An agreement (the “Charter”), between French schools in London, which are part of the AEFE network, regulates the transfer of pupils between such schools.  

This policy guarantees pupils  the possibility  to  continue  a  French  education  in  London  in the AEFE network, until  the  end  of  their  school  studies (end  of  terminale).   
Children attending a French school in London, part of the AEFE network, must generally remain in that school until the end of the curriculum. (Except if there's an admission in British Section).
The Lycée français Charles de Gaulle shares this policy with other French institutions in London. (Places will be given to pupils coming from the partner schools in CP, 6ème and 2nde, subject to availability and following our Criteria for admission:

All applications for pupils coming from a French school in London will be rejected.



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Each year, pupils should re enrol for the following year. A communications campaign is sent on November, 21st 2018. In order to receive all communication from the school regarding enrolment and re-enrolment, please ensure your personal details have been given to the admissions office for the update of our family database.