Admissions calendar



This calendar only applies to families whose children are not currently enrolled in one of the AEFE  French schools in London.

However, students coming from a AEFE school in London which offers no further education should note that the procedure and dates will be different.

The below dates apply for first entry at all levels in all our schools:

  •  Primary schools Marie d'Orliac-Fulham, André Malraux-Ealing, Wix-Clapham North, South Kensington

  • Secondary (collège-lycée) :  South Kensington

  • British Section :  more information here

Note: Students are admitted according to their ranked eligibility. The date of application has no bearing on the likelihood of being accepted, provided it is made before the closing date. Prospective students must be resident in London, along with at least one of their parents/guardians. However, this restriction does not apply to students receiving a bourse d’excellence scholarship.



► 1st Pre registration campaign 2019-2020 (21/12/18 - 15/01/19)

► 2nd Pre registration campaign 2019-2020 (09/03/19 - 20/03/19)

► 3rd Pre registration campaign 2019-2020 (08/04/19 - 26/04/19)

► 4th Pre registration campagin 2019-2020 (10/05/19 - 02/06/19)


Click here to access the pre registration platform (link only activated during pre-registrations)


The Admissions Office is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 12.30pm, and also 2pm and 4pm
We are closed during the school holidays. During times of closure the Admissions Office is not available by phone.

All necessary information can be found on the website, or by email ( or phone (020 7584 6322 / Choose option 5).


► Further information: try our FAQ

1st Pre registration campaign 2016-2017 (not known yet)

► 2nd Pre registration campaign 2016-2017 (not known yet)

► 3rd Pre registration campaign 2016-2017 (not known yet)

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